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We Specialize In Design Of Solar Power Solutions And Installation Across Nigeria.

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Renewable Energy
System Design

Not every homeowner and business across Nigeria has the same energy demands, or even the same level of access to a reliable power grid. At BonaTech Solar System, we specialize in the development of renewable energy solutions that are completely customized to every property owner’s needs.

Whether you need uninterrupted power for a local health clinic or you’re simply seeking a dependable source of power for you and your extended family, the professionals at BonaTech Solar System can walk you through your options and help you select the best solution for your budget. We’ll then engineer a solution that provides a reliable, low-maintenance source of power that provides years of dependability and confidence.

Equipment Installation

Many Nigerian homeowners and businesses are forced to implement temporary power solutions with defective equipment and inefficient systems designed with serious flaws. At BonaTech Solar System, we offer our customers the best and most reliable solar technology the market has to offer.

As a certified reseller and installer of solar equipment from Alpha and Outback Power Energy Solutions, BonaTech Solar System backs up these premium-quality, field-tested products with our highly responsive signature service. We’re able to provide a prompt response to our Nigerian customers within 24 hours, while delivering installation of premium quality equipment covered by a multiyear warranty.

Dependable Ongoing Maintenance

What sets BonaTech Solar System apart from the competition is our high-quality products. While most competitors operating in Nigeria utilize off-shelf, cheap equipment not covered by any warranty, the resulting solar systems built using these products are significantly less robust and less reliable.

This simply isn’t an option for active businesses that operate around the clock, or health clinics that demand 24-7, uninterrupted access to a reliable power source to save the lives of their patients. The industry-leading equipment and solar panel components we provide at BonaTech Solar System are selected for their premium manufacturing quality, their reliability, and their longevity – meaning our customers spend less time worrying about their power source and more time doing what they do best.