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BonaTech Solar: A Trustworthy Solar Power Provider Operating Throughout Nigeria

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Who Are We?

BonaTech Solar System is an affiliate of BonaTech Engineering Nigeria Limited. Today’s entrepreneurs and trendsetters can’t be slowed down by an unreliable power grid. Nigeria’s emerging economy is rapidly growing and fueled by problem solvers and do-it-yourselfers who have implemented their own renewable energy solutions with the help of BonaTech Solar System.

BonaTech Solar System is an authorized reseller and installer of power inverters, charge controllers, battery banks, and other solar power products from Alpha and Outback Power Energy Solutions, an internationally-recognized leader in residential and commercial solar solutions. Homeowners and businesses across the world have relied on these dependable, high quality products for a renewable source of energy that delivers more uptime than most power grids. BonaTech Solar System makes these reliable solar products more accessible than ever before to Nigerian homeowners and businesses through our competitive pricing and signature service.

Better Quality
& Dependable Service

As your trusted “one-stop shop” for solar power solutions, BonaTech Solar System is proud to offer comprehensive solar system design services, certified and local installation service, and highly responsive equipment maintenance that is regularly covered by trusted, multiyear manufacturer warranties for equipment repair and replacement.

While the competition often offers inexpensive equipment at a significantly cheaper cost, BonaTech Solar System focuses on providing carefully engineered solar systems and premium quality equipment that is selected for reliability and longevity. This saves our customers from headaches and hidden expenses in the long run, as our customers don’t have to worry about paying for repeated repairs or replacements – or dealing with an ineffective solar system that doesn’t operate as intended.